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Producción Científica 2019 (Meses Anteriores)

Marzo a Abril, 2019
Determination of the temperature of precipitation of aragonite in shells of Anadara brasiliana (Lamarck, 1819) from Playa Norte, Cazones de Herrera (Holocene, Veracruz, Mexico) by means of trace element analysis


Sediment provenance, sediment-dispersal systems, andmajor arc-magmatic events recorded in the Mexican foreland basin, North-Central and Northeastern Mexico


Giant fluorite mineralization in central Mexico by means of exceptionally low salinity fluids: An unusual style among MVT deposits


MVT-like fluorite deposits and oligocene magmatic-hydrothermal fluorite–Be–U–Mo–P–V overprints in northern Coahuila, Mexico


Geochronology of Mexican mineral deposits. III: The Taxco epithermal deposits, Guerrero


A rock magnetic fingerprint of hydrothermal alteration in volcanic rocks – An example from the Los Azufres Geothermal Field, Mexico


New late Middle to early Late Ordovician U–Pb zircon ages of extension-related felsic volcanic rocks in the Eastern Pyrenees (NE Iberia): tectonic implications


Ash clouds temperature estimation. Implication on dilute and concentrated PDCs coupling and topography confinement


The role of subducted sediments in the formation of intermediate mantle-derived magmas from the Northern Colombian Andes


Analysis of the biological recovery of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons using an electrokinetic treatment


Contributions of morphospace and multivariate analyses to interpretations of phenotype patterns and trends in mexican Idoceras


Provenance analysis of Oligocene sandstone from the Cerro Pelón area, southern Gulf of Mexico
Mayo a Julio, 2019
The effect of pore structure complexity and saturation history on the variations of acoustic velocity as function of brine and oil saturation in carbonates


EPCI: A new tool for predicting absolute permeability from computed tomography images


A stochastic rupture earthquake code based on the fiber bundle model (TREMOL v0.1): application to Mexican subduction earthquakes


Uplift and syn-orogenic magmatism in the Concepción del Oro Block: A thick-skinned (Laramide style?) contractional structure in the Mexican Fold-Thrust Belt


Late-Quaternary secular variation data from Mexican volcanoes


Exploiting individual UePb zircon ages andTi-in-zircon crystallization temperature data toidentify high zircon-production events in theXolapa terrane


Elementos de tierras raras disueltos en agua subterránea y su relación con los sistemas de flujo en rocas marinas y volcánicas en el Bajío de Guanajuato, Centro de México


Thermochronology and exhumation rates of granitic intrusions at Mesa Central, Mexico


Análisis de fracturas geológicas en el pozo Agrícola Oriental 2C, Ciudad de México y su relación con fallas mayores


Reply to the comment on: “Geochronology and geothermometry of the Laramide metamorphism in the Cambrian metabasalts from the Cerro Rajón Formation, Caborca region, northwest Mexico”


Discussion of: Ortega-Flores et al. (2018) Provenance analysis of Oligocene sandstone from the Cerro Pelón area, southern Gulf of Mexico


Evidence for an Ordovician continental arc in the pre-Mesozoic basement of the Huizachal–Peregrina Anticlinorium, Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico: Peregrina Tonalite


Apatite U-Pb dating at UNAM laboratories: Analytical protocols and examples of its application


Dinohippus mexicanus (tardío-tardío, tardío y último hemphilliano) y la transición al género Equus, en las faunas del centro de México


Chronology of the 2014–2016 Eruptive Phase of Volcán de Colima and Volume Estimation of Associated Lava Flows and Pyroclastic Flows Based on Optical Multi-Sensors


Ordovician to Silurian igneous rocks in southern Mexico and Central America: geochronologic and isotopic constraints on paleogeographic models


Granular beads in a vibrating, quasi two-dimensional cell: The true shape of the effective pair potential


The structural architecture of the Los Humeros volcanic complex and geothermal field


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